Going Green isn't what one thinks, is it just a transition t

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Going Green isn't what one thinks, is it just a transition t

Postby Shadowgirlau » Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:20 am

Below is an outdated link (2010), yes but never the less pertinent article about our need to go green and be seen to be doing the right thing. It pertains to the green grocery bag.


I myself have many of these green and even, red, brown, pink, orange you name it "green " bags and they certainly do not last for as long as one would believe they should. Mine disintegrate in around 6 months with constant use and when one got dirty I washed it to find that it also disinter-grated, as with in a few days holes started appearing in it from tears after I used it for shopping once more. This is why I decided to make my own (although they had to be the same size) so that I could wash and reuse them for years with out the need to replace them. Yesterday I went into the shed to look for a magazine which was in one of the green bags with a stack of others that i wanted to keep. This bag has not been touched for at least a year and had just been sitting on a bench in the shed, not exposed to the elements yet I noticed that it has holes in it and small tears appearing. They claim they are biodegradable sure is true.

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