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Blight/Pink Eye

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:11 am
by minnie
We had for the first time Blight (also known as Pink Eye, but blight is more descriptive). What a terrible terrible thing to see animals blind.

All have been cleared up other than poor little Hazlenut that still remains effected (blind) even though she's been treated with everything possible, just not sure where to go now... hopefully the vet will have some answers.


Re: Blight/Pink Eye

Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 9:33 am
by Shadowgirlau
How is Hazelnut Vicki? I note that your post is from March so wondered if the vet had managed to help her.


Re: Blight/Pink Eye

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 3:17 pm
by minnie
Hi Kathleen,

Well it's now May 21st and I have to bathe her eye and treat this afternoon. It's been terribly persistent in her and Heliotrope, luckily Heliotrope only has one eye affected that while having come good it will have a blind spot.

I got the vet to Hazelnut after a terribly stressful time trying to talk to a vet first (receptionist that's a pain). He said one eye had ruptured and thought it would be best to cut it out, but we all DH, vet and me decided to wait, but he said the eye would shrivel and was blind in it, so we've been fighting to save the other eye.

Now it seems we've saved the other with a blind spot like Heliotrope but contrary to everything the vet said and how it looked I think she may have a little sight in the bad eye. I kept spraying with Pinkeye spray to keep off the flies and although he said it wasn't worth treating of course that did and now it's not shrivelling but looking a bit like the other, other than the third eye lid is showing a bit.

I'm thinking nothing ventured, nothing gained and 99% thought her mother wouldn't live so who knows. I'll keep trying while I see any chance at all.

It's been huge though treating every day, so head baling (our yards aren't set up well) etc. The up side is poor Hazelnut and Heliotrope have had so much treatment they aren't too difficult to get in the head bale and they don't mind a scratch on the head. ;)

Time goes too quickly for me these days! :roll: