Homemade Salves

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Homemade Salves

Postby Shadowgirlau » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:55 am

If you are concerned about the chemicals that are in many of the products you use daily then consider replacing them one by one with natural homemade substitutes. It can be overwhelming to do it all at once, so just pick one product and go from there. In time you will find you are depending on those products less and less while discovering the benefits of making your own homemade products for both you and your family with out all those unnecessary chemicals.
I spent a lot of time in the garden yesterday and discovered my salves had been depleted (1 was empty the other almost gone) I decided I had better make some more pronto. Went looking for my box of essential oils and sundries so I could make a list of what I needed and put it on the list to buy when I go up to the city again on Sunday. Surprisingly I didn't need anything to make both these salves although I will need to replenish a few items now I have made then.

Recipe #1: is a light salve I make up for things like scratches that I feel just need a little TLC.

1/2 cup coconut oil
2 oz. (56gms) beeswax
15 drops Lemon oil
15 drops Lavender oil
15 drops Tea tree oil
Combine beeswax and coconut oil in a small sauce pan and melt over low heat. When mixture is completely melted, add 15 drops each of lemon oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil.
Pour the melted beeswax mixture into the container of your choice. A wide mouth 8-oz. jelly jar is the perfect size.

The above recipe works great, but if you would like to add a few extra herbs to boost the salve's healing properties, then you might consider giving the following recipe a try. Comfrey has some great antibacterial properties how ever it does contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skins so like anything else you should test it first. For those who don't know much about comfrey it is used for many things such as skin ulcers, wounds, inflammation, bruises, upset stomachs, as a tea for gum diseases just to name a few things.

Recipe #2: for use when you think you need a little more healing power (grunt as I like to say)

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup dried comfrey
1/4 cup dried calendula
2 oz. (56gm) beeswax
2 tbsp. honey
10 drops lavender essential oil
In a medium sauce pan, combine the olive oil, coconut oil, comfrey, and calendula, and melt over low heat. Cook for approximately 25 minutes, stirring frequently.
Remove the pan from the stove and strain the herbal mixture through a cheese cloth to remove the herbs.
Wash out your sauce pan and return the strained mixture to the pan. Heat on low, and stir in the honey.
Add the beeswax, and stir until beeswax in melted. After beeswax has melted, stir in 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Remove the pan from the heat.
Quickly pour the mixture into an 8 oz. wide mouth jelly jar, before the mixture begins to harden. Continue to stir if necessary, as the mixture hardens to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the jar.
This ointment will keep in a closed jar for about a year. I label and date my jars.
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